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Oppo F11 Pro is the next generation mobile phone from Oppo. It is an affordable handset that offers a lot of features and a big screen. The device can be used for both personal and professional purposes. It is equipped with a powerful multimedia player and has a complete memory with plenty of storage capacity to store all your favourite movies, music and games.

This Oppo F11 Pro is equipped with an eight mega-apixel main camera, an Ultra HD clarity camera lens, a dual tone LED flashlight, an SOS button, a high resolution heart rate monitor, a Bluetooth 2.1 Low Energy Short term Memory Operated (LTE), a USB charging port, a gyroscope, a barometer, a compass, a proximity sensor and a capacitive virtual keyboard. The phone comes with an intuitive user interface which makes it easy for you to work with. The phone comes with a unique feature called the Ambient Light Sensor. This sensor monitors the changes in ambient light within the vicinity of the phone and the display automatically switches to the correct mode. The entire technology is based on the patented Wave Scroll technology which allows the phone to switch to the appropriate mode automatically depending upon the change in environment.

The Oppo F11 Pro is equipped with a 16 mega pixel camera that allows it to capture clear images in all lighting conditions. The camera also has OLP image processing engine, digital zoom, manual mode, shutter speed and flash. The camera comes with flash control, a high sensitivity auto focus, digital zoom, a landscape mode and an anti-shake. The Front LED notification and the Status bar help you to change the modes. The camera has two modes – one with live video and another one with a time-limited recording. It also helps you to change the picture by tapping on the screen.

With the Oppo F11 Pro you can take as many shots as possible, but the quality of image will fall if you do not have enough memory storage. The camera has two image processing engines – one for the video and one for the photos. The video engine of the Oppo F11 Pro can be used for the still-shots too. The front facing camera has an automatic image processing feature. The rear camera has an image stabilization system, so it helps you to capture moving scenes of the events. oppo f11 pro

There is another variant of the oppo f11 pro which is comparatively smaller in size and comes with a lower price. The Oppo EGO Vigorito is equipped with a 1GB processor and has two cameras – one is the normal one and the other has a laser zoom lens. Both cameras are fitted with different lenses. There is also a special version of the Oppo F11 Pro with a single lens instead of both cameras in the body.

The price of the device has come down a lot since its introduction. It comes with a slot for the memory card and the battery is removable. You get a spare battery, memory card, USB cable and a pen with the Oppo F11 Pro. It also has a nice screen that looks very much like that of the iPhone and a decent eight megapixel resolution.

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